Дар атрофи "Садои кӯчаҳо"

Лоиҳаи ғайритиҷоратӣ "Садои кӯчаҳо"

To save and then to tell: Story in QR-coded address pointers

ANO "DARIB" since 2020 has been running a project in the largest cities of the Far East aimed at preserving historical memory and history's popularizing. The "Street's Voice" Initiative is archival data on the people and events after which the streets are named, presented in a lively and modern way. The project team "pulls" this unique information onto the facades of buildings in the form of address pointers with QR-codes. Following these links you can learn a lot of interesting and undeservedly forgotten.

Unfortunately, most people sometimes do not know basic things about what surrounds them. They do not know what this "house with a spire" is, or why the street on which they live is named that way. On the facades of houses you can often find memorial plaques and other "attempts" to tell about the uniqueness of the place. But such information, as a rule, rarely reaches the consumer, and even less often is remembered.

But everyone willingly uses all kinds of gadgets and applications. We decided to combine this trends in the "Street's Voice" project to tell you a little more about world that surrounds us. The "Voice of the Streets" project is an initiative to install plates with QR codes , by reading which you can learn interesting facts about the streets of different settlements. Information presented in text and audiovisual forms, including through photos and audio mp3-podcasts.


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Want to be a partner?

If your business or public organization is ready to help us tell more about the history of streets to residents and guests of the city, you can act as a partner of the project: to publish a message about it in your media or blog; to donate us some funds; to become a volunteer; to order a QR-coded address pointer for your building.